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Sacred Buttons™

3.5 Inch Clay Pot

3.5 Inch Clay Pot

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Give your cacti the perfect home with our premium clay pots. Measuring 3.5 inches wide and 3 inches high, these pots are designed to provide the optimal growing environment for your sacred cacti seedlings, including peyote and San Pedro.

Why Choose Clay Pots for Cacti?

  • Porous Material: Clay pots are naturally porous, allowing water to evaporate quickly from the soil. This helps prevent overwatering, a common issue that can harm cacti.
  • Drainage Hole: Each pot features a drainage hole at the bottom, ensuring excess water can escape, preventing root rot.
  • Enhanced Growth: For best results, use these clay pots with our high-quality cactus soil, providing your cacti with the ideal growing environment.

Create the perfect environment for your sacred cacti seedlings with our premium clay pots. Order now and ensure your cacti thrive in a home designed for their specific needs!

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  • Winter Shipping

    Live cacti shipped in the winter months will not be guaranteed unless a 1 or 2 day shipping option is chosen at checkout. A handling fee of $11.49 will be automatically applied to the price of shipping to cover the cost of an insulated shipping container and a 72 hour heat pack. This will ensure that your new cacti arrive alive and happy.

  • Hassle-Free Returns

    We guarantee that your cacti will not only arrive happy and healthy but that you will absolutely love them. If not, contact us within 30 days of purchasing and we will offer 100% of your money back. No questions asked. We guarantee that the contents of your order will be packaged safely and sent with care. If the contents of your order arrive damaged we will replace or offer a 100% refund on the damaged items.