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All-In-One Seed Starting Kit

All-In-One Seed Starting Kit

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Take the guesswork out of germinating your sacred cactus seeds with our all-in-one Seed Starting Kit. Designed for success and ease of use, this kit includes all the essentials to increase germination rates and grow healthy, robust seedlings. Perfect for peyote, San Pedro, and a variety of other cactus seeds.

Kit Includes:

  • Germination container
  • Seed starting soil
  • Fungicide powder

Note: Seeds are sold separately.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Prepare the Container: Tape the holes on the top of the clear plastic dome with clear tape. Fill the black plastic pot with the seed-starting soil.

  2. Mix Fungicide Solution: Mix the fungicide powder vigorously into 1 cup of spring water. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Pour the mixture over the soil, stirring between pours to prevent the powder from settling. Stop pouring when water drains from the bottom of the pot, then discard the remaining liquid.

  3. Prepare the Soil: Cover the pot with the clear plastic dome and set aside to drain for a few hours. Afterward, remove the dome and gently flatten the soil surface with a clean spoon.

  4. Sow the Seeds: Sprinkle the seeds onto the soil surface without covering them with soil. They will need light to germinate. Re-cover the pot with the dome and place it in a warm (80-90°F) spot with indirect sunlight or under a grow light. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent burning the seedlings.

  5. Monitor Germination: Keep the container warm, using a heat mat if necessary. Seeds typically germinate within a few days to a few weeks. Once sprouted, the seedlings should be bright green. If they turn orange or red, they are receiving too much light and need to be moved away from the light source. If they begin growing tall and skinny, move them closer to the light source.

  6. Post-Germination Care: Leave the seedlings in the humidity dome until they are about 1 cm in diameter. Keep the container closed to prevent mold and minimize shock. If the soil dries out, gently moisten it with a spray bottle without disturbing the seedlings.

  7. Hardening Off: Once the seedling reach 1 cm in diameter, harden them off by removing the dome and placing the pot in a Ziplock bag. Gradually increase ventilation by poking a few small holes in the bag every couple of days until it is destroyed. This gradual transition helps the seedlings acclimate to a drier environment.

  8. Long-Term Care: Once hardened off, the seedlings can remain in the pot and should be watered once the soil is completely dry. Fertilize with Schultz Liquid Cactus Food at half strength with every watering. Transplant when the seedlings start competing for space.

Watch and Learn: Watch our detailed YouTube video for a step-by-step guide on using the seed starting kit. Watch Now


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

decent kits, work well, the cups could be a little thicker but did the trick

Stacy Boyle

I bought two of these, one for peyote and one for san pedro. Both are doing well in my window although I may need a grow light. Maybe something you guys could sell in the future. ;)


Easy to use and was shipped out fast thanks sacred buttons.

Erica S
Great kits!

These kits are just great! My little guys are so happy.

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